Afon Goch


Therapeutic Programme

An integral element underpinning Afon Goch’s philosophy is that children are empowered by decision-making regarding ‘their’ lives. We believe that children should feel comfortable with making decisions regarding their future and that they are listened to and heard through the appropriate forums and throughout Afon Goch.

The development of ‘self’, through assertiveness and taking responsibility for what happens to them is very important to the growth of the child. At Afon Goch our programmes are designed to bring a sense of order, with an element of predictability to the children; but this does not mean adherence to a rigid programme. Children are respected and treated as individuals and given autonomy and choice within the boundaries of the programme. The child is encouraged to exercise choice in areas where they can and as the programme progresses the element of choice and control by the child grows. The child’s keyworkers are responsible for setting the therapeutic programme for the week ahead, the programme is discussed with the child prior to writing it. The therapeutic programme is individually tailored for each child to address and meet their individual needs and give the child the opportunity to experience new and exciting activities whilst also learning essential life skills.

The child has the opportunity to discuss his/her progress at the end of each day with a member of staff. The child’s views are always recorded on their daily record.