Afon Goch


So you are thinking of coming to live at Afon Goch?

At Afon Goch we care for five children at any one time. Like you, the children are 'looked after' by social services.

Children usually live here for two or three years, but sometimes they live here for shorter periods.

Before you move in, you will have the chance to visit us and we will usually visit you where you live now to tell you in person about life at Afon Goch. We will make sure that we are the best place to help you. We will also always consider how you will fit in with the other children living here.

You will have your own room, and we will have decorated it before you arrive, and bought brand new bedding and towels so you don't have to use anyone else's stuff. You will be given help in choosing how you want your room to be. What posters, pictures you like.  we will make sure that you have a TV and DVD player, as well as music in your room.

You will have your own keyworkers, who have a special role in offering you personal support. All members of the team are there to help you.

The first three months include an assessment of your needs, and how best to help you have a happy and satisfying life.  You have your own personal programme of activities designed to help you. We also have group activities, that you can join in with if you wish to. If you don't want to do things with the others, you can just chill; but most children like to join in.

Afon Goch is a large house, set in nice gardens in the hills of Snowdonia. From the garden you can see Mount Snowdon, and you can also see the sea! There are great beaches nearby.

At Afon Goch there are lots of activities to do, you could do some Adventure Activities such as Kayaking, Climbing, Mountain Walking, Abseiling, Gorge Walking, Coasteering and White Water Rafting.

You could do sports such as Swimming, Tennis, Badminton, Squash, Hockey, Judo, Karate, Rugby, Football, Athletics to name but a few.

You could visit local attractions such as the Slate Museum, Electric Mountain, Numerous castles around North Wales, Ruthin Gaol, The Centre for Alternative Technology, Greenwood Park, Tree top Adventure, King Arthur's Labyrinth, Swallow Falls and numerous blue flag beaches, etc.

On Tuesday evenings, all the children and lots of the staff get together for 'Rock Frogs' which is our own special adventure club. We had the idea one day round the dinner table, and before we knew it, one of the children had designed teeshirts, we have our own logo, and use the slogan' aint' no mountain high enough! ain't no river deep enough!'

So far this year on Rock Frogs we have had beach barbecues, been kayaking, been coasteering, been on climbing expeditions. We also did a special fundraiser in fancy dress for Red Nose Day.

We have our own kitchen garden

Or you can stay in the house and do arts and crafts projects, reading, playing board games or you relaxing and watching TV or DVD's.

At Afon Goch each child has an individualised reward scheme which is designed to suit you. Your keyworkers will discuss this with you in the first few weeks at Afon Goch, it is a way of rewarding your good behaviour and it means that on a weekend you can go out and do fun activities such as go to the cinema, ice skating, out for a meal, bowling, white water rafting, quad biking, go-carting or some beauty treatment such as getting your hair or nails done and many other things.

You will also get pocket money on a daily basis; this will depend on your age. On top of this you can also earn up to a £1.00 bonus each day, this is dependant on behaviour. If you earn seven consecutive bonuses you will earn an extra £2.00. You then have the option to earn a further £2.00 by doing an extra job around the house. All pocket money and bonuses are given after dinner and all spending is supervised by staff.

At Afon Goch we believe it is important to keep in contact with children who have moved onto a successful future who wish to remain in contact with us. This could be through letter or phone call, or on a visit back to Snowdonia and will be as often or as regular as the child wants.

These are some comments from children who have previously lived at Afon Goch.


(A letter received from previous resident Sarah, after a holiday with Afon Goch)


(An email received from Georgina a short time after leaving Afon Goch)

--- Original Message ---
From: "Georgina"
To: <>
Subject: Many thanks

I would just like to say thank you for everything you have done for me, especially Bryan and Hayley and Gemma, they have helped me so much to mature and grow up and Hayley has helped me overcome some of my fears and she has helped me be more strong and Bryan has always been there for me and talked to me when I have needed to and when I was going through the Robert thing he was there for me in the interview room. They have never let me down and Gemma has helped me learn to be myself and not otherwise. Louise you have been just fab, I think you are very good at helping young kids that have a lot of problems, I’m glad you own the kids home and I think that every kid in the world should be thankful that there is people like you that care and want to help us get through bad times and you should be proud about that. Well I wish that you were my mum coz you are kind and caring are always wanting to help and you are always there when we need a helping hand. I think that any kid who lives in Afon Goch should be thankful for you and your caring staff that make you feel safe and happy in your own skin. I miss you all but I’m happy that I’m living in Manchester now.


A letter received from Lucy a short while after she left Afon Goch


A letter received from Kelly


Comments from Katrina age 17 – a current resident at Afon Goch

"Afon Goch is a welcoming environment from the day you move in. Afon Goch have a great staff team, they are caring and consistent.

Personally I love my bedroom, the views are great, and you have everything you could ask for e.g. the beach and the mountains.

We have lots of things to keep us busy, you will never get bored."

(All names of the young people have been changed to protect their privacy.)